Cooking Equipment for Fast and Easy Use

Independent Catering Equipment provide a full and comprehensive range of heavy and light cooking equipment from table top fryers, boiling tops, griddles and contact grills (Panini machines) to large free standing convection steam ovens, fryers with built in oil filtration systems, 2- 12 burner ranges or boiling tops. All  these can be electric, gas and even a combination of both.

Combination ovens

Combination ovens have become very popular and are a must for nearly every catering outlet whether it be a convection/ steam oven or a microwave/convection oven we can provide new and reconditioned ovens to suit your needs. We can even arrange training for staff on these mostly computerised machines which can cook multiple meals at the same time or one-off items in seconds.

Open cooking ranges

Open cooking ranges can be found as complete items such as the most popular gas 6 burner range or the electric 3 plate range. These can also come joined together to make a 12 burner range. They can also come without the oven but still on a stand to store pots & pans, 8 burner boiling tops being the most popular for many carry outs except for Chinese catering where we provide bespoke Chinese cookers which have high powered burners and a unique water cooling and cleaning system integrated,. These come as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, and 9 burners the most popular being 4 large burners to the front and 2 small ones to the rear.

Deep frying

Deep frying can be done in a small table top fryer or a full chip range as seen in most fish and chip shops. These are usually made to suit the shop’s layout but reconditioned ones can be adapted to fit. The free standing fryer, single or double pan, gas or electric are the most popular with restaurants, bistros and hotels  whereas cafes, golf & social clubs prefer the lighter duty.

Griddles, Char-grills and Steakhouse Grills

Griddles, char grills and steakhouse grills are very popular for steaks, burgers, kebabs, full breakfasts and many more. These come in all shapes and sizes and again can be table top or free standing. Some char grills come with lava rock which is a long lasting coal to simulate barbeque charcoal grills which we can also provide in catering size in L.P. Gas.  Most smaller griddles are electric and can have flat or ribbed surfaces for better effect. Steakhouse grills can be mounted on an over shelf above the open ranges or on a bench or floor stand.  They are very good for cooking or finishing off dishes especially if they are cheese topped.

See what ranges suit your cooking method.