Ventilation Canopies

Are a very bespoke item and have to be made to measure to comply with new regulations as they have to be at the correct height and overhang the equipment by an exact size depending if they are gas or electric. Furthermore lighting must be considered if it is a large canopy as the chefs need to see what they are cooking. Wall canopies are the most popular and can be box type or sloping depending on the height of the ceiling. We supply various grease filters and grease catchers to prevent ducting getting greased up this helps with cleaning. Our canopies are all fully welded and the gutters hemmed to prevent cuts when cleaning.

Extraction systems

Ducting and extraction systems are all designed, planned and fitted to suit your premises and building control stipulations. We take into consideration the volume of air that needs to be brought in and extracted to the atmosphere through various filter processes and noise control. We supply carbon filter blocks which reduce smells and odours after they have gone through the first canopy filters. These also have pleated cardboard filters which are easily changed. More and more we are getting request for Electrostatic precipitator systems which consist of a large box with electrical charges going through to kill the grease particles and therefore reduce odorous smells to comply with new building and Environmental requirements. Noise reduction is important for inner city catering outlets and we provide noise reduction fans and silencers to help with noise control.

Fresh air systems

You must have filtered fresh air to supply the area to the kitchen in support of the extraction system working properly and give the required air changes governed by building and environmental controls.

Gas interruption and Interlocking systems

This is a fairly new regulation for catering outlets that use any gas appliances. We can provide a qualified gas safe engineer to fit the gas solenoid valve and connect it into the fan control units so you must switch the fan on before the gas will flow to the cooking equipment thus preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cleaning of extraction systems

We have a partner in a hygiene cleaning company who can set up a cleaning schedule to suit your needs.