Repairs are Cheaper than Renewing

We repair all types of catering equipment whether it is gas or electric. We have gas safe and electrically qualified engineers specialised in refrigeration, microwaves, combination ovens and all makes and models of catering equipment.

They are ready to call out 7 days a week to keep you the customer satisfied.

We endeavour to repair all items on the first call but if the equipment needs parts we will quote you for the parts and return call and labour.

Spare Parts

We have new and used parts for sale as we break down used equipment  and we can salvage parts that have been removed and tested for wear and tear.

It might be a magnetron, printed circuit board or main motor of a dishwasher that cost a fortune from the manufacturer but we can supply and fit them for a fraction of the price and if we do not have it in stock we have accounts with all major suppliers and equivalent part companies who can get the parts in most cases overnight for a fast and economical repair.

Your Old Equipment

Don’t throw it out we may be able to refurbish it or break it up for spares. This is more environmentally friendly  as we save the parts we can re use and our local scrap man gets the left overs. Even your old fridges can be disposed of properly in accordance with the WEEE initiative.