Current Stock Items

We maintain moderate levels of new and reconditioned stock available for same-day, next day and other timeframes.

Some of our most popular stock items are listed below and, if you are looking for more information on any of them – or items not currently listed – please give Neil a call on 07900 087 705.

Bar Equipment

24720 kg automatic ice machine£650£350
24840 kg automatic ice machine£900£450
246Double door refrigerated bottle cooler 900x600x900mm high£600£350
249Infrico 1000mm long st/steel bottle dump£995£450
245Single door refrigerated bottle cooler 600x600x900mm high£450£250

Beverage Equipment

2443 Gallon electric manual fill water boiler£120£65
241Auto on demand coffee grinder£875£475
243Lincat EB3X automatis water boiler 13amp£575£275
240Fraccino 2 Group Automatic espresso coffee machine£1,995£950
242St/Steel Knock out drawer for coffee waste£85£50

Cooking Equipment

23810 ltr Black Coldron Soup kettle£60£35
239Bainmarie hot cupboard c/w 3 cut outs for containers 1200x650x900mm high£1,875£950
225Blue Seal 600mm wide Gas char grill c/w floor stand£1,550£800
235Double deck 4+4 electric Pizza Oven 9.5kw£1,250£850
223Falcon 6 burner oven range Dominator £1,650£850
224Lincat J12 free standing 2x6kw fryer£1,275£850
222Falcon table top convection oven 13amp supply£1,350£750
230Frialator Single pan double basket free standing gas fryer 450mm wide£1,850£950
237Lincat 4 pot dry heat bain marie£450£275
228Lincat 600mm wide electric twin pan table top fryer 2x3kw£875£450
231Lincat 600mm wide electric griddle 13 amp£720£400
234Maestrowave double Pannini contact grill ribbed top smooth bottom£450£250
221Merrychef eikon E2S extra fast combination microwave oven£5,650£2,500
219Panasonic NE 1853 with clean insert worth£85£650£450
236Merrychef eikon 3 13amp combination microwave oven£3,000£1.500
229Panasonic NE1037 1000 watt microwave 3 years P&L warranty£365£250
226Rational 10 grid convection steam Combi Oven electric c/w floor stand£8,850.00£3,750
220Rational i pro combi plus 6 grid combi oven with stand£5,250£2,750
227Valentine twin pan electric fryer 450mm wide 2x7.5kw£4,250£1,500
233Velox Single high speed contact grill£995£500
232Velox Twin high speed contact Grill for Panninis, bacon, sausage burgers, toasties etc£1,995£1,000

Dish & Glass Washing Equipment

216Classeq Pass through dishwasher 3 min cycle, single or 3 phase gravity waste£3,275£1,650
215D.C. Series Under counter dishwasher 3 min cycle, 25amp supply c/w drain pump£1,850£850
218D.C.Series 400mm basket under counter glass washer with drain pump£1,350£550
217Winterhalter under counter glass washer c/w drain pump and 3 min wash and rinse cycle 500mm baskets£4,750£1,250


270Double bowl sink unit 1800x650x900mm high£995£400
269Single bowl sink Unit 1200x650x900mm high£850£350
268St/Steel wall bench 1800x650x900mm high c/w shelf£495£200
271Wall mounted wash hand basin c/w taps£75£35

Preparation Equipment

253Food Mixer 20ltr capacity c/w whisk, beater & dough hook£1,550£750
251Robot Coupe R301 ultra food prep machine c/w st/steel 3ltr bowl & 3 blades grating, slicing, chopping£1,750£995
250Sammic 500mm XM52 Stick blender for up to 120ltrs£399£200
252Robot Coupe 450mm stick blender£475£295


267Blast chiller/freezer 13 shelves 800x800x1780mm high£3,450£1,800
261Bottle fridge 600x600x1800mm high£595£450
266Chest freezer c/w st/steel lid 1500x700x900mm high£700£350
260Counter refrigerator 3 door 1800x700x900mm high£1,500£750
259Double door st/steel freezer 1500x700x2m high£2,550£1,500
258Double door st/steel refrigerator 1500x700x2m high£2,450£1,500
257Freezer st/steel 700x700x1800mm high£1,500£750
255Freezer white commercial 600x600x1800mm high£950£500
262Multi deck dairy case 1200x600x2m high£3,850£1,500
256Refrigerator st/steel 700x700x1800mm high£1,400£700
254Refrigerator white commercial 600x600x1800mm high£750£450
265Saladete/ Pizza counter 1800x700mm£2,850£1,500
264Under counter St/Steel freezer 600x600x900mm high£650£300
263Under counter St/Steel refrigerator 600x600x900mm£750£350