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Crockery, Cutlery & Utensils newCrockery

In our opinion the type of crockery used by an establishment is probably most important as it indicates to the customer the quality of the food and standard of the restaurant or hotel.  Over the past 10 years many establishments have chosen plain white crockery which can be high quality hotel ware china or inexpensive canteen ware. A lot of establishments mix and miss-match white crockery and if the customer looks closely they will notice the difference. Coloured crockery, even with a fine line or embossed pattern can make a big difference to the ambiance and we can even get the customers own logo printed on all pieces which adds a bit of individuality. There are many manufacturers of crockery from all over the world but the ones from the potteries of England usually in the Stoke-on Trent area are the most popular such as Churchill, Dudson and Steelite but now there are some top range crockery from Germany mainly Villeroy Boch which has taken over from the famous Wedgewood hotel ware which was discontinued a few years ago.

Crockery & UtensilsCutlery

Cutlery like crockery Is very important in making a good impression on customers. The most common cutlery consists of the Parish patterns which are mass produced all over the world and come mostly in 18/0 chrome and st/steel mixture and takes in the following patterns Kings, Jesmond, Bead, Harley. For cafeterias, canteens and small cafes there are many budget ranges of cutlery which can cost pennies and can be popular as losing them or getting them stolen is not a bank breaker.


There are thousands of utensils – chef’s knives, pots, pans, bakery goods etc and lots of colour coded items to stop cross contamination of cooked and raw foods. There are signs, chopping boards, thermometers for all different applications. We can supply utensils at very competitive prices as we source them directly from various manufacturers.

As we have 25 years of cooking and selling experience to the catering industry we can advise you on the best utensils for your operation.