Ware Washing? Here washing!

Dishwasher Hobart systemIndependent Catering Equipment plan, design, deliver and install dish washing systems to suit from the smallest cafe to the biggest hotel or hospital rack systems.

We supply all the main suppliers such as Hobart, Winterhalter, Dawson, Meiko, D.C. Series and lots more

European makes. Reconditioned and second hand items are very popular and we can find the machine that is right for your operation.

Under counter dishwashers

Under counter dishwashers are the most popular for space saving, time saving and sterilising to EHO standards. They are usually the same size as a normal household dishwasher but made in all stainless steel and only take 3 minutes wash and rinse cycle and with automatic dosing systems there is no need for tablets. The dishwasher washes the dishes in 65C Water for approximately two and a half minutes before rinsing with 85C water to sterilise the contents and with rinse aid being added this helps to dry the dishes without streaks.

Pass through dishwashers

Pass through dishwashers are for the slightly larger restaurants or catering outlets and usually are accompanied by a pre wash sink unit , overhead spray unit and an exit table all attached to the dishwasher and with the entry at table height makes it a much easier operation rather than bending down to load an under counter dishwasher. The pass through dishwasher takes the same size of trays as the under counter type but being higher powered has a faster heat recovery between wash and rinse cycles which are variable between 2 – 4minutes wash and rinse.

Conveyor Dishwashers

Conveyor Dishwashers are for the much higher usage such as large restaurants over 100 covers, hospitals, airports etc. These machines have a conveyor which pulls the racks into the pre wash section then through the main wash and onto the rinse cycle and finally through a drying tunnel and out the other end on another conveyor roller system. These machines are from 1.8m long up to 3m long.

Glass washers

Glass washers are usually under counter in the back bar situation but can sometimes be free standing or on a stand in a glass washing room just off the bar area. Again these have a wash and rinse cycle of 2-3 minutes and sterilise the glasses in the same way the dishwashers work Top of the range glass washers have a specialised cycle which brings glasses back to their original state taking any chemical residue off and helping to keep the glasses ready for the famous head on the beer. Glass washers come in various sizes to take 350x350mm, 400x400mm, 450x450mm and 500x500mm basket sizes. This means they can be used in the smallest to the largest of bars and most bars have 2 or more glass washers.

Want your dishes washed? Get a Dishwasher!